Please find below the answers to some frequently asked questions.

Are there any restrictions?

Yes, you have to be 18+ (men), 16+ ladies and have a clean record with no pending convictions in order to train with us.

What clothes do I need to train?

Initially you will need to wear indoor trainers or martial arts shoes (bare feet if you have neither). Jogging bottoms or training trousers without zips or buttons, a t-shirt without zips or buttons. Once you are fully joined the training uniform will consist of; a BKM T-shirt, KMG Training Trousers, Wrestling boots/martial arts shoes, Mouth guard, Groin Guard, Shin Guards and Boxing Gloves.

I have no martial arts experience whatsoever, can a complete novice join the class?

Yes, absolutely! Every single one of us has walked through a door at some point, into a new world as a complete beginner. We understand that it may be quite daunting for you to join a Krav Maga class, however please rest assured, we are an extremely friendly bunch and always make new members welcome. Krav Maga is a system that works for everybody and regardless of your age, fitness level, experience and physical abilities, you will be made to feel welcome and encouraged to give your best at BKM.

Is Krav Maga Dangerous?

No, safety in training is of the utmost importance to us and we take care of our students. Your instructor will ensure that both your mind and body are fully prepared with a structured warm up, specific to the activities that will be covered in the lesson. We also ensure that you have sufficient protective equipment before allowing you to train. Due to the nature of Krav Maga, and the physical contact, it is inevitable that from time to time, minor injuries will occur however your safety is always top priority. Any person deliberately trying to hurt others or having “ego issues” is immediately removed from the class and list of students.

Are your instructors qualified?

Yes, and then some! Kelly is an official Krav Maga Global Certified Instructor. Having completed 180 hours of expert tuition over a period of 23 days, delivered by the Krav Maga Global Team, containing some of the highest ranked Krav Maga Experts on the planet, you are in good hands. Kelly has an advanced BTEC level 3 in Self Defense Instruction, is Martial Arts First Aid qualified and covered by KMG Liability insurance. In addition every KMG instructor must complete 12 days training per year with the Global Expert Team to ensure they meet the exacting standards imposed by KMG.

How much do classes cost?

Please get in touch for the latest pricing structure.

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